With every New Year comes celebration—we watch the ball drop, we sing, we dance, and we rejoice. And then…cue the chatter about 2013 resolutions. The mighty question becomes inescapable: What is it that you plan to accomplish in 2013?

Bundled up by the space heater enjoying leftover eggnog, we pondered how to answer that question. And here, at the Accion U.S. Network, we came up with the following 2013 resolutions:

Our Education Resolution

Together with our national partners The Boston Beer Company and La Idea, we will provide relevant and helpful educational programs for small business owners across the United States. From New York to California, and everywhere in between, community businesses will learn essential skills. Through the Brewing the American Dream program food, beverage and hospitality business owners will meet with our professional speed-coacher Jim Koch and an array of industry experts, to learn the essential ingredients to start, strengthen and grow their small businesses. Meanwhile, participants in La Idea events will network, share, and learn how to reinforce their business through planning and financing—in addition to receiving the change to enter a business plan competition with a $100,000 prize!

Our Research Resolution

In 2013, we’ll back our strategy with sound research and data analysis. With two major studies underway, we’ll have some great information to share throughout the year. Ever wondered about the power of microloan in the U.S.? Check back with us soon to find out.

Our Client Resolution

Accion clients are incredible, resilient entrepreneurs. We will continue to support their work and highlight their stories throughout 2013. Moreover, this year, we plan to reach more small businesses than ever before by leveraging the power of word of mouth. We will work closer with partners and clients to engage and motivate them in referring their friends and colleagues to Accion.

Our Trimming Resolution

In the spirit of the notorious resolution of cutting calories and trimming that waistline, we too plan to cut and trim—that is, the time it takes to approve a loan application! Our product development team is hard at work applying innovations and technology to our loan underwriting process that will significantly decrease the time it takes to qualify a loan.

We look forward to the year ahead. Happy 2013!


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Written & Edited by Jane Garcia Buhks

© Accion, The U.S. Network